Asic quality GPU : is useful in overclock ? How to see

Why video cards of the same model and manufacturer does not have the same performance, consumption and temperatures? There are really lucky GPU and GPU unfortunate?
Unfortunately the answer to this question is yes, the differences of the same model from the same manufacturer are due to the quality of material in the production phase.

asic quality

Asic quality is important,useful ?

In our experience, we had in our hands a GTX 660 with a highly successful ASIC 91%, in fact is the video card that we pulled in OC without problems.I electronic circuits, semiconductor materials are made, most silicon or arsenide gallium, where the chemical quality makes the difference.
Everything is measured by the Quality ASIC (application specific integrated circuit), a decisive factor for the performance / energia.Maggiore asic is the quality, the better the performance and at the same time consumption and temperatures.
A GPU with high quality asic succeed, with the same voltage to achieve a stable clock frequencies higher than a asic with low quality, not surprisingly overclocking purists can reach extremes with record cards of the highest value.
Usually the asic quality depends greatly on the quality chosen by the manufacturer, for this same model can vary greatly in price, besides the PCB and heatsink different.
This value, expressed in percentage, varies from a minimum of 60% up to over 90%.
Ecco i risultati :
  • Clock stock : 980Mhz  -  OC :  1280Mhz
  • Voltaggio stock : 1.062v -  OC :1.212v
  • Temperatura Stock : 60 gradi centigradi - OC : 68 gradi centigradi
  • Frequenza RAM : 6002Mhz - OC : 6600Mhz
GTX 660 OC

ASIC is important for temp,overclock stability,and power consumption.

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