Nigeria scam : smartphone , iphone 6 , galaxy s6

Given the numerous reports, today I would like to tell you about a topic very delicate.
On the network, in addition to the many honest sellers, there is something rotten.
This plague was originated on facebook, precisely on the many groups fb, but also on sites fictitious.

These people create accounts and fake websites promising good prices compared to the market, attract the least experienced user with the news. The most popular items are definitely smartphones as newcomers iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6, which are offered at reasonable prices.

These scammers are very skilled and are not just bots or programs, but put of individuals with a good knowledge of English and excellent ability to deceive customers.

iphone 6 , galaxy s6 truffa

Our experience

Of course, to understand the deception we pretended we fall into the trap.
There was no need to strive as one of the many scammers required to subscribe to our facebook group .
He named his company and its website with a price list of the latest smartphone very beneficial, an attractive price of $ 400 for a Galaxy S6!
Contact one of the many fake accounts, code name: Adam Korman Mar *** as they are in search of a Galaxy S6. Once agreed he gives me the payment details with western union also forcing me to make the payment abruptly.
I from its extremes payment based in Nigeria repeating several times that his boss is there. Obviously, having no intention of giving him $ 400 I propose to give him $ 10 down payment and then the full amount after shipping.

Once withdrawn the money, gave me a tracking number with a site blatantly scam, in practice this site generates false data simulating an expedition. The site in question is, understand a crook in these cases is very simple.

After saying that he had sent me has threatened several times to give him the remaining $ 390 because I had already sent the goods and to withdraw it if I had not completed the payment.
Obviously I said: "Let's wait before I arrive the goods, then I give you the remaining money" .Obviously answered me in a very rude threatened to cancel the shipment (bargain ever made).
In the end it's over with heavy injuries on his part!

How the scam works?

Usually these companies are based in Europe, specifically in the UK, but at the head of the scam are Africans, mostly Nigerians, even if you do not make the All of a lump.
These fictitious companies usually are called fictitious name + ELECTRONICS LTD, look very professional at first, but then they fall in the middle. Unfortunately many people with little experience we fall hoping to grab a smartphone at a good price:

  1. Attract customers mostly on facebook groups or sites (site in question
  2. They ask you the complete data Shipping
  3. They give you the details of payment where the state is always African, mostly Nigeria. In my case the character is: Martins Ndu ** or other names
  4. Withdraw money giving you a tracking code fictitious
  5. Block you on facebook

From western union you can not get back the money back, because these guys after they picked disappear.

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  1. Grant scams are one of the most rampant because people love to believe that they can get free money from the government.Beware

  2. Perhaps we should label scam reports in three categories. One, a promotional scare tactic. Two, someone trying to justify their failure. Three, legitimate.JT Foxx

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