How to fix black screen random R9 290 280 270

Your video card is plagued by crashescontinuous or black screen? Here are the various solutions that will most likely solve your problema.Scheda video old or new it is. 
There are 3 possible way :

Conflicts with Catalyst Control Center (CCC amd)

CCC is really one of the worst management programs invented by AMD. Many times it can lead to conflict and not a few problems. The best solution is to download only the driver without software suite. Amd from the site you can download only the driver and install a third-party management program as msi afterburn.

Install latest bios (crash 2d 3d)

Many video cards amd suffer from conflicts between bios and drivers. In itself, the card can also be working at the hardware level, but rendered unusable by the bios of the card. Usually these problems are resolved quickly with the release of new versions from the official manufacturer or customized versions by fans.
With a bugged bios you crash randomly , also in 2D or 3D.
Personally I had resolve the problem on the R9 290, the board suffered from random black screen that I solved by updating with le laster firmware , i found on techpower up the bios.
Update the bios is a simple task, just use the tool to flash the bios nvidia.Trovate amd or network by writing the model of your video card.
Another way is to fix with a custom bios.

Check temp

Check temp of gpu card , also in stress test (use OCCT and check the temp). If the temp is too high a way is to fix cooler, first try to change thermal paste, second change the cooler with aftermarket parts.

In the 95% of case , you resolve with a bios update (i fix 2 r9 290 with this metod)


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