7 reasons not to become a programmer

The computer science is perhaps one of the few still in fast ascent, if we compare the computer 20 years ago, but 10 years ago to now there is an abyss absurd. Let alone in the near future (it was robotics)

Nowadays everything around us is the result of hardware and programming software, which led us in the age of automation: smart cars, washing machines, programmable, smart TV, smart phones and via discorrendo.Anche in the medical field and in any other field of business information technology has become crucial.
Today, however, we would like to list you 7 good reasons not to do the programmer, of course we will do another article with good reasons to do so.

Please note that this post does not want to discourage anyone, but wants emphasize of the key points that every aspiring coder should know

1. Programming must pleasure!

Let's get one thing, there are thousands of programmers around the world, most part of the sad mediocrity. They may also have worked full-time as a programmer for 10-20 years, but they are worse than the average graduate in the same field.
If there enhances writing code, try and try so many hours sitting in a chair, or you stove also a simple little program that calculates the average're off track, not for you. As it should be, you should choose what you're passionate about, otherwise the motivation to move forward will fade soon.
A lot of people continue to follow the program with poor results, even if only because he thinks to earn well or to find work right away, nothing could be more wrong.

This matter requires a lot of effort and a lot of determination, unfortunately we must always follow it and not just in the workplace.

motivi per non essere programmatore

2. Self-learning

You have to have a good foundation of self-learning and knowledge management, because no one helps them out, either because of laziness, both for competition.
The main assumption is that programmers are really smart people and who are good at solving problems. This assumption leads to the leaders of a company "to assume" that good programmers do not need training.
In addition, training for developers is extremely expensive. The result? When changing position, you need to understand what is going on because no one helps you, you will need, therefore, rely on yourself.

3. E 'difficult

Making the programmer requires a lot of intelligence, creativity and flexibility mentale.La mentality of the programmer is to solve problems trying not to make any more. We say that is potentially available to everyone, but not everyone will have good risultati.La programming has much in common with mathematics, so if you are denied for mathematics might have some hesitation.

Programming to high levels of per se 'is quite difficult and does not accept lazy people and who surrender facilmente.Ci takes a lot of time and practice to get good qualities of encoding. If it is assumed to write programs for IBM after only a week - or even a month - it's no wonder.

To be a competent coder, you need to learn how to produce the products, not just writing code. To be a web developer, you must be able to make a website, not only write HTML tags. To be a mobile developer, you must be able to create an app, not only construct objects in Objective-C or Java.

Software development is not a factory job in which tightens the bolt all day. It requires thought and effort, it is also easy to do something in the wrong way and make it work well enough to finish the production. That "little mistake" that does not seem to cause problems they cause. Programmers who do not treat every project as something to be proud of transform everything in a work of poor quality, which in turn makes their careers short.

4. Continuous updates

Information technology is a field in constant and continuous updating, what you learn today may not serve more in the next 10 years. Unfortunately so, the hardware evolves as well as linguaggi.Pensate The ongoing development of programming languages, a typical example is that java is updated very quickly (java 7, 8 java etc ..).
Keynote, programming is' a continuous learning, unfortunately inevitable!

You need to keep your skills up to date, moreover, a good coder must broaden the skills for the entire working life.

5. Frustrating

Software development is often very frustrating especially when you have to fix other people's projects: the documentation is outdated or wrong, the code is unreadable or poorly articulated, the head imposes rules to follow that do not make sense ... the list is endless.

Nobody wants to work with breathing down your neck, if you're the type of person who goes into crisis during normal eight hours of work, then it is not for voi.L'unica solution is to run your own business, even though the ranks early in his career it's up to everyone!

6. Working hours

The designers of software development are known to be major laggards and coffee drinkers.Even projects that are delivered on time always seem to be late. If you are not able to handle the irregularities of shifts and do not like the flexible hours you may have a serious problem.

When the deadline arrives, your employer is more interested in getting the finished product and to pocket big profits rather to let you go to the first communion of your child; And with that do not add more!

7. You are superficial

The programming is all about details. If you get lost in a movie more complex or you tend to superficiality arronzato to do everything, you are in the wrong place. Sometimes, the lack of something simple can make the difference between failure and the success.
The details are the ones that make it essential not to collapse and allow the whole!
These are the reasons more likely to understand if you do not have a way to program, this course also has many positive sides. We hope soon to do an article with the opposite reasons to become one.

You would add another to the list? Leave a comment!

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