How to install previous app version android (downgrade)

Applications on smartphones and tablets are updated constantly, especially to improve performance, user experience and to correct some fixes. 
Unfortunately it is not always so, in fact I have had many problems with the new version of Facebook for Android and Chrome, which I crashavano constantly on Android lollipop. 

To solve the problem I have installed a previous version of the two app, to do this I uninstalled the old app, I disabled the automatic updates via wifi from playstore and I trap the apk from the internet to a previous version: eg I had version 24 Facebook and reinstalled the 23rd. 

versioni precedenti android

For earlier versions of app system need to see if you can uninstall updates from management app, if you can not the only alternative remains: 

App install earlier versions of the system:

  1. As always disable automatic updates on the app playstore
  2. Have root permissions
  3. Download from playstore Rootunistaller , which will allow you to uninstall app system (be careful what you remove, you may make the system unstable)
  4. Give root permissions the app and remove the app
  5. Download a different version by finding the apk on Google
For any problems leave a comment, guide-computer does not assume responsibility for malfunction or otherwise.

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