Trick to improve FPS Far Cry 4

Pending a patch that actually improves the known problems of the new Far Cry 4, such as low performance and problems with shadows, here is a little trick that momentary increase the fluidity and will improve framerate slightly at the expense of quality. 

far cry 4 fps bassi

You just have to try, if not convince you simply perform the same procedure: 

  • Go to Documents / myGames
  • Open the folder of Far Cry 4
  • Open with Notepad or Notepad GamerProfile
  • Search DisableLoadingMip0 = "0" and change the value to 1
  • Start the game and try
  • You can also activate GPUMaxBufferedFrames = "0" in one

We welcome additional tester, after applying the change leave a comment below with the improvements or deteriorations of this temporary fixes. 

Another tip is to lower the resolution to 1600x900 instead of 1080p, on small screens of 22 inches 24 the difference is minimal and almost imperceptible!

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