(how to fix) Galaxy S5, Note 3 Not registered on network

Most people buy a device to deal with various operators, if this smartphone is not paid by the installment payment can 'be locked by the user. 
This is the most common cause if your smartphone samsung does not read cards or does not allow you to make calls. (Accept one that does not read any operator) 
Instead of the previous models such as the Galaxy S2 and S3, the problem could be due to causes hardware or software, which were easily solved with only root permissions. 

galaxy s5 non registrato

If you have this problem and did not go in for service, then you are in serious trouble. 
Unfortunately Galaxy S5 G900 Notes 3 and you can not easily get around it and above all access to the data folder EFS as was the case on previous devices. 
In fact, if you look on the net (in English) you can see that most of the fixes are made with special software like Octoplus and BST, and not only can 'work ... (this is not only the main problem.) 

Note: the only operation that can be done is to restore the EFS folder if you have previously saved, otherwise you can not change the parameters ... 

In fact, these devices are protected so that access must use a hardware platform, or very common Dongle which can also be found on aliexpress. 
Is there anyway to highlight the considerable expense and see if "the game worth the candle." 
Please also note that certain practices are illegal, such as changing the IMEI.

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