Fast , best custom Kernel for Galaxy S5 G900F

The Galaxy S5 in itself already is a great phone, fast and stable, with almost zero lag than the previous. 
Today I reveal how to significantly improve the performance of the device by installing a custom kernel is very popular and stable far better performance. 

This kernel is designed specifically for the original firmware, but also for the rom, then you will not need it to reset it to change firmware forcedly. 
We are talking about Adam Kernel, perhaps one of the best custom kernel in circulation for Samsung Galaxy Note. My s5 is reborn after this change also goes faster than before. 

kernel s5

How to install a custom kernel on Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 4, Note 3

To install a custom kernel we proceed as follows:

  1. We download Odin Odin 3:07 or 3:09 and start it
  2. Let's make sure you have the samsung drivers on windows we are using
  3. We initiate the device in download mode when turned off (press and hold volume down + home button + power button for a few seconds)
  4. Connect your phone via USB, now odin should read the COM port that will appear colored
  5. Download the CWM recovery for Galaxy S5 without removing
  6. From Odin click PDA and select the file you just downloaded
  7. After installing the CWM turn on the device and download the same phone Adam kernel 1.3 (goes well with both the external sd card or not)
  8. Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power until you start the recovery
  9. Click on install zip from SD card, select the package adam kernel downloaded to your phone
  10. Proceed to restart
Congratulations now you have an S5 breeze and the battery will last more than that, any problems please leave a message or contact us on Fb page. I remember that guide-information does not assume responsibility for malfunctions, also with this change puo'decadere the warranty.

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  1. I tried it on my Note 4 and I was successful


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