Buy CD-KEY lowest price : Cod advance warfare PC

Call of Duty advance warfare is the latest installment of the most popular shooters in the world, will also be one of the most purchased games of the year. 
Cod seems radically changed by his predecessors and seems more closer to the saga of crysis, the price for the European version is very high, is about € 45 for the best price up to more than 60 €. 

Today we want to show you how you can buy the Russian version only 13 € the original and the ability to play multiplayer.Moreover, thanks to the translation will be possible to have the game in Italian to a fifth of the price! 

call of duty advance warfare pc

Here's how: 

  • Buy from G2A the UK version of COD advance
  • Once you have received the activation key you need to run the game via VPN quickly turn key Russian
  • Download and install the PC ENG translation: search on web or torrent 
This way you have the original game and you have legally purchased. 
For more info please leave a comment below.

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