Resources, tutorials, guides, e-books for Arduino Projects

We have already spoken here of Arduino , A fully editable and programmable hardware platform suitable for prototyping.
Designing in arduino can 'be simple, yet complicated ... so it is a good idea to consult a lot of resources.

A first approach to Arduino would be to partially or fully emulate projects that are already made.

All this may seem unnecessary but it is seen that the experience in programming is acquired by trial and error every day.
Later you could modify to your liking, or implement new features.
Of course you also need a basic guide that you can buy a few dollars or opt for the hundreds of online tutorials in English.

  • I remind you that the Official Guide to the Arduino has a really paltry cost: Link amazon
  • Here the starter KIT
A website is really interesting duino4projects , on this site you can always find fresh projects (updated daily), but unlike others I will explain the steps to build the hardware and software steps (programming) to operate the kit.
This site also shows interesting new ideas or insights and is great in case of difficulty.

Another site par excellence is instructablesArduino-Projects , full of very detailed tutorial and several media content (photos / video) theirperformance operation.

Other sites of interest:

With these sites you are ready to enter the wonderful world of ARDUINO! 

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