High temp CPU , heat-sink cooler cold

The heat sink is a critical component for all electronic components, especially on the CPU and GPU that high power generating much heat. 
The processor is cooled by transferring the heat generated to the heat sink, which in turn cools to air or liquid . 
If the heatsink is cold there is definitely something wrong, this problem is really dangerous for the processor because it means that no heat is transferred to the heat sink and then the cpu is glowing! 

dissipatore processore

There are several reasons why the heat does not pass, one possible reason is the incorrect use of thermal grease or thermal paste that is not good. 

  • Buy a quality thermal paste: Silver 5
  • Apply thermal paste correctly
If the problem does not solve the problem could be the heatsink, most aftermarket coolers using heat pipe (copper tubes that pass through the heatsink) .In this kind should be bollentissimi, if you are cold may be damaged or worse still holes, the only alternative is to replace the heat sink.

To 98% solve with one of two ways written above, remember, also, that the base of the heat sink must occupy almost the entire surface of the heat sink and not a small part.
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