Guide : how to buy used GPU (graphic card)

Buying a video card used is very much useful today, especially for  used market on the internet where you can find anything. 

It 'better to try before you buy a video card, so you'll have the chance to do a test and check whether it actually changed the bios.Andiamo to see how to do, first of all the gpu must be inserted in a PC and you have to install the drivers ... after which the owners ... 

stress test GPU

Video card stress test on Windows with stability

On windows there are many programs to use, what I like most is MSI Kombustor . This program stresses to the maximum the GPU, and not only allows to make a benchmarking but allows to verify the stability and operating temperature.

By running a test in full 3D will put a strain on this GPU, the things that you will need to be noted:

  • Temperature (preferably not above 70)
  • Visual artifacts
  • Crash, frezee or restart the PC
You have to download the program and start the stress test in 3D at the highest resolution possible, prefer 1080.Click on STRESS TESTand run it for at least 10-15 minutes.
Finally, it may be useful to perform an additional test with OCCT or with a game installed.

Stress test GPU on MAC and Linux

On mac and linux on the other hand, we can download GpuTest .
After you have downloaded and installed the program, you should run FurMark and 3D PLOT always for 10-15 minutes or at the end of the test.
Obviously, it is advisable to run it at the highest resolution supported.

Tech tutorial recommends you not to buy a video card sight unseen .... EVER!

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