Trick to save money buying videogames KEY PC

Save on video games is important, as you well know online purchase keyis already much cheaper than buying the physical copies, saving up to 70% on the price.

Today we would like to teach you how to save even more from the minimum of 1 to a maximum of 1 to 5-6 $, no small thing considering the prices.
If you remember several ago we wrote an article on How to Earn with the key , in fact we will use this affiliate system.
soldi videogiochi

Follow the step by step instructions to perform the step is recommended to agree with a friend!

  1. Create an affiliate account here
  2. Far from a friend to create an account 2 normal from here
  3. Find the game in question and copy the URL
  4. Now go to the section G2A goldmine
  5. Go to tools, click add blackberries and generate the link by pasting the URL and writing a custom name for the ref-link
  6. Now we give the url created the account 2, and from that link will buy the game at normal price
  7. Now the percentage of earnings will be credited to your account on the game 1 affiliate
  8. We say that is a way to save enough practical, once you have collected at least 10 dollar, you can request payment via paypal
And 'quite ingenious idea and already many guys do it!

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