Stock rom vs cyanogenmod : Difference and benefits

Received many questions on this subject, many are asking whether it makes sense to spend a stock rom (original) to a custom ROM CyanogenMod.
I remind you that CyanogenMod is an open source project, and has been developed to improve the Android experience.

Benefits CyanogenMod on Samsung smartphone, lg, sony, nexus

  • PURE ANDROID: I remember that CyanogenMod is based on Android pure, in fact we seem to use a Nexus device after installing it. In my opinion the customizations of the houses such as Samsung, LG, Sony are deleterious; They do nothing but worsen the burden and operating system services and app most of the time useless.An  obvious example is the performance difference between the Touch Wiz Android and pure. In fact, smartphones such as Galaxy (S4 / S3 / S2) improve much if you install a ROM CyanogenMod.An other obvious advantage is to have a smartphone to date, I remind you that the latest version is based on Android 4.4.2.

  • PERMITS ROOT: After installing the rom will have root permissions thus becoming superuser, the root allows you to fly over many obstacles and limitations. . Another interesting feature is the ability to manage the energy profiles of the smartphone allowing them to set the frequency of the CPU.
  • CUSTOM: There is a vast customization, it is possible to change everything, including the lockscreen, buttons, launcher, etc. ..
vantaggi cyanodenmo

Differences in performance in benchmarks CyanogenMod

When we install a rom CyanogenMod're going to change the kernel, as well as the firmware. I remind you that the kernel is the core of an operating system is the basis of everything, and affects any factor.
I did a lot of Antutu benchmark 4 before and after the rom.

Nexus 4 17000 points> 21000 points

Galaxy S3 16000> 19000 points

Galaxy S2 8500 points> 11000 points

On some devices, however, remained unchanged, I remind you that the best and most versions are optimized for the most popular smartphones!


In my opinion installing custom rom is really beneficial for our Android smartphone, especially for the average user-esperto.Molte times improves the device by removing the need for cambiarlo.Sono even able to get the best performance on My Nexus 4, that the original was already very fast.

Also let me remind you that there is now an installer for Windows, now you can download the software, allowing us to automate the whole thing and make installation easy even for the less experienced.

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