Read message Facebook,WhatsApp without seen !

Knowing that he had a message on Facebook can be counterproductive, especially if you have something to hide, today we will advise you of the methods on how to read the message, avoiding to display (in this way they will think that we have not read.)

On Facebook, the process is very simple, in fact, just install Chrome as a browser and after that the extension UNSEEN on Facebook.

Whatsapp on the matter is more complicated, to avoid the screen you must set up your smartphone in airplane mode on Android and other terminals.
On the iPhone, however, we must not only enable Airplane mode, but go to chat settings, advanced and disable date and time.
On whatsapp have time to read, but once off the airplane mode will be displayed.

Let's say that Facebook will eliminate the problem permanently with the plugin, whatsapp on at the moment we only know this trick 100% effective.

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