Drastic drop in views and page impressions in 2014 Facebook

Many are spending a fortune on their facebook page, hundreds of euro to get more fans. But all is proving to be useless, given that Facebook, more and more, going down the hits on the Facebook pages also genuine, encouraging those who pay ... a bit like a free-to-play. 

In fact, lately, also our page has been hit hard, especially a few days ago because of the new algorithm on feed. We went from 10,000 visits a post about 500-1000. 
This is really outrageous, Facebook wants every page must shell out a lot of money, only in this way you are guaranteed to have some users who participate on your facebook page, or you have to be lucky that your post is viral. 

In my opinion, Facebook is increasingly focused on the payment .... let's see why: 

facebook algoritmo pagina facebook

New algorithm 2014 FEED Facebook

In the new algorithm forget to find most of the facebook pages in your home, unfortunately it is not so .... the post will be shown only if addictive (so I like it, share and comment on the basis of elapsed time), then if this post is overlooked by iterations very quickly you will go into dimenticatoio.Quindi users, for the most part you will only see advertising done by large companies or post viral, not what pleases YOU! 

This feed does not like anyone, especially because you lose 90% of the post of a Facebook page that might follow and maybe releases updates and valuable content. 
The only alternative is to add a page to the list of interests or to start receiving notifications for the facebook page that followed. 

In this way, Facebook will no longer be based on quality, but on who pays the most sponsorship, which are not very cheap !! 
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