Fake video card from china (aliexpress site)

The clones and false are not new, remember that in Italy and in the rest of the world many have a Galaxy cloned and not even know it, as these are reproduced more faithfully and a keen eye notices it too late.
On Aliexpress, you can find anything that is of good or poor quality.
Just yesterday I came across a link, where it is sold a GTX 780 to a little more than 80$, while its current value is on average this: http://amzn.to/1tD5yOi .
Of course, these articles are not to be taken into account, there is a saying that says, here nobody gives you anything. 
To a trained eye it is very easy to recognize a fake or a rebrand, while a normal person would be attracted to a price so low!
Most of the cards are re-brand, then you are thinking of buying a 780 but in reality you are buying a video card 4 years ago that is worth much less than what they ask for.

What do you say? Cloned too?

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