Best video card low price 2GB August 2014

Are you looking for a cheap video card, but that allows you to run all the games of 2014? Today we would like to offer you a great low-end video card, that despite the price will let you play all the titles with a good framerate, of course, as long as the details are medium-low and that the filters are disabled on demanding games like Battlefield 4 or Watch Dogs.

How video card this time we chose the R7 260X, we can find it on Amazon shipped to 110 €: .
The card in question requires the supplement of a 6-pin, 115watt power, we recommend at least a 450watt power supply.

Here are some benchmarks in games compared to the GTX 650ti

In our opinion, if your budget is limited this video card is really good, because we can play with all the titles without any problems. All games with at least 30fps have a good flow and do not suffer from slowdowns

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