Best Speaker PC 5.1 low to high price 2014

5.1 The speakers are the category most loved by the users pc, if positioned optimally promise an immersive experience while gaming is that when watching a movie. 
Today we want to advise you of the 5.1 systems that have good sound quality (without distortions, noise or interference) and the right power, all at a moderate price.

If you are interested to 2.1 have a look here: Best 2.1 Speakers

Logitech Z506

The Logitech Z506 are the most popular and the most affordable. As we all know logitech is ahead of the competition for the quality and reliability of the sound. With just 80 € you'll take home a system worthy of note. These speakers have a power output of 75 watts RMS, the right to rattle the windows of your room with nothing to prejudice a clean sound and chiaro.Il subwoofer is powerful enough to send in difficulty 5 satellites, so better keep it to a volume human not to distort the suono.Una alternative are CREATIVE A550
Much appreciated by the users, can be found here: link the best price .

Logitech Z906

If you have money to spend and you have a passion for home-audio then the Logitech Z906 . If you want the highest quality certified with the THX you are on the right track, there have been about 400 test tones, in order to give the best audio experience with this 5.1 system.
casse migliori 5.1

Hear, hear, we have a power rating of 500 watts RMS, a power that can shake the whole neighborhood!
If you want these cases you'll have to shell out quite a bit, I leave you the link with the price.

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