Best Speaker PC 2.1 low to high price 2014

2.1 PC speakers are really good, are composed of 2-way stereo plus central unit subwoofer.Molti prefer them to 5.1 for reasons of space or because they do not affect the surround sound effect. 

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Writing on a shop pc speakers 2.1, leaving hundreds of products in various price ranges, obviously the higher the budget, the higher the quality of the speakers.
Then leave the higher end, in the most economical. I remind you that before you advise these cases we tried other systems SPEEDLINK, genius,
casse pc 2.1 migliori

Logitech Z623

In pole position we find the Logitech Z623 , the cost is around € 170 .These are the absolute most quality speaker and powerful, it comes to 200 watts of power (RMS) while still providing an excellent quality.
These speakers have spent over 400 acoustic tests with THX, the commands we find them on the satellite destro.Una alternative are the Corsair CA-SP211EU. Best Price: link

Logitech Z523

The Logitech Z523 speakers are excellent mid-range, they have a power of 40watt RMS and there are many! Very overpowering the sub, fortunately the sound is clean and full-bodied and the sound is not distorted.
Prior to advise these we also tested the Philips SPA5300, very nice, but the distorted sound.
The bass is really strong, unfortunately at the expense of senior who are not the best.
The Z523 can be found at a price of about 60 €. Best Price: link

Trust Tytan GXT38

This is the next series to the series tytan, with the addition of the woofer on the satellites and a lower wattage in RMS to improve the quality.
The trusts are very powerful and full-bodied, well-60Watt RMS and 120 peak, but they have a decent sound quality, so it might appeal to those who have an ear specialist.
You also have to use them with an outlet screen to eliminate annoying interference.
The Trust Tytan have cost about € 10 less than the Z523. Best Price: link

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