Best external battery usb smartphone,tablet android

The autonomy of the device current, Android smartphones and tablets, do not enjoy a good autonomia.Arrivare at the end of the day it's really hard, especially if you use a lot of the device. 
We have written many guides about how to improve the autonomy , even if the results are satisfactory they can not do miracles, the range of a device that is, we can recover a maximum of a few hours. 
batteria esterna portatile usb

The only real and viable alternative is to adopt a usb portable charger,which has improved a lot in recent times, given the high demand. 
Of these portable chargers we can say that there are various price ranges and amperage capacity, I remind you that the battery is more capacious, will weigh more. 
It must be said that these devices are compatible with any device with battery .... tablet, smartphone, ipod, iphone, etc. ... 

There are various categories: 

  • Ultracompact10000mah : The charger has two USB ports, one of which (2A) to fast charge or for tablet.Ricordo that you can check the status through the LED cleats, each of which corresponds to the cleat 25% .Permette more than 6 full charges
  • Ultracompact5000mah : About half of the capacity and a lower weight, it costs 35% less than the version 10000mah.
  • Easy3000mah is cut smaller, it is only recommended for the size and lightness, really low compared to previous articles. It allows a maximum of 1.5 times full recharge.
These products are really cheap and affordable for all, with low budget you have finally solved your problem!

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