Windows 8.1 and 7 slow problem after sleep mode

Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 operating systems are two fantastic, unfortunately badly optimized as it does not run well on all devices or cause problems if there are any driver conflicts. 

One annoying thing I've noticed on some laptops is the extreme slowness and the blocks after you resume the computer from hibernation. 
This annoying problem could be quickly solved by formatting and installing the OS without all the programs installed by defualt by the parent. 

Try these steps in order to actually solve the problem. 

  1. Update the driver of your video card so clean, it's intel, nvidia or amd
  2. Disable all applications of third-party startup
  3. Try one at a time to turn off hardware devices from device manager and try the pc after suspension
  4. Try changing the energy, both from windows program that somewhere owner
  5. Open the task manager to check if a program is using all our CPU or memory, and stop the process at a later time to do an audit of the EXE
  6. Finally we suggest you do a clean reinstall of the operating system
I hope these steps will have been of help for any problem I remind you that you can leave a comment here or contact us on the facebook page for assistance.

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