Laptop slow using Ac Adapter supply (problem fix)

A few days ago, using my laptop, I noticed a very strange problem, when I attacked the pc power supply, then the power I've noticed a slowdown really excessive high temperature.Of course, before I did doubt of the components of the checks, I recommend to do if you have the same problem.

The problem could be caused by a virus on windows operating system, do a scan with the ' anti-malware recommended by us .
Perform a reset of the operating system, in the best case a format and a clean reinstall of know
If you do not solve via software, then follow these tests hardware, try to start the pc without battery, only with the power adapter plugged.
Often, I have resolved with the above recommended anti-malware by scanning either battery, both when connected to ac adapter.

If none of these methods functions, then the problem lies elsewhere, in fact I have not resolved with these methods listed just because the power supply was damaged, bringing problems such as overheating, slow computer and other problems whatsoever.
You can try to buy a universal power ac for laptop, acts well and costs less, since the original ones cost a fortune.

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