Drop CTR and earnings Adsense without changes

Adsense, is currently the most widely used advertising circuit in the world, perhaps it is also the most widely used for the number of ads for the good earnings and long-term reliability.

Adsense unfortunately has ups and downs, which can depend on you (position of the banner, style, site) or that depend on the period and the amount of advertisers.
If your CTR is decreased without changing the site, there's something wrong:
ctr improvviso adsense

Problem Code

Last year the Adsense CTR drastically lowered by as much as 70%!, I made ​​the necessary checks and I noticed that the banner was visible but not clickable by some browsers and mobile devices.
So make sure that ads are visible on any platform and above are clickable (do not click though) and controls the layout of your site or forum.
Also try to use synchronous code, in fact most of the time async banner can cause problems even if lighten the load on the page.

Change or modify the site

If you have a well-defined niche and have an average return always the same users would be useful to any period, an average of 5-6 months to update or change the layout of the site. I remind you that after a while the users' recall the location of the ads, by skipping quickly and therefore eliminating the possibility of click.Se just do not want to change the theme of your site, change color of links and titles, trying to experiment with different colors.See also: Cool Adsense Experiment

Change location and format ads

To go beyond the so-called stall is useful to change the ad format, target and appearance. A very useful and not drastic is to try experiment A and B introduced recently by Adsense.

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