Trick to Learn C programming : best site

The C programming language is a pet peeve, especially for those at the beginning. Language C isa the starting point, as even educationally is the first approach to programming. The C programming is difficult to learn the language as it is at lower level between those of the highest level. 

C is the Latin of procedural programming and learn how the C and rest assured that everything else will be east.Today, we would like to advise you on how to best proceed to study this language. 
imparare a programmare in C

C programming interactive tutorial

My advice is to use English sites, personally helped me a lot more than the few other languages resources also remind you that you need to learn English because the languages ​​are all the instructions in that language. A beautiful site is Learn-C for beginners, which allows you to test a program and change it to the compiler. 
Another site well done, but for a more experienced user is CprogrammingExpert , full of knowledge and entertainment that explain step by step how it works in procedural language. 

Open source software to programming in c

Open source software is the most widely used and appreciated by the users definitely CodeBlocks.

C Programming Exercises performed

The trick of programming is: spend a lot of time, practice a lot, try and try again. You have to spend a lot of time if you want to become good programmatori.Su google you can find several excercise with solution in English.
If you have problems you can always ask for a consultation on forum of programming.

Now you do not just have the active part, you have all the material in your hands. 

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