How to spot if Galaxy S5 REAL vs FAKE

The Galaxy smartphone are the device with many fake clone,there are some points that might confuse you:

  • Identical to Galaxy Terminal S5
  • Samsung identical logos
  • Samsung box with logos
  • Batteria samsung with logo
  • Cloned android Software

A skilled and attentive eye immediately recognizes a Galaxy S5 clone , we refers to non-experts.Follow us point for know is fake or original, here are some steps to follow:

  • On the back of the box the clone should return GT i9600, which should indicate the Asian version and the European version carries behind SM-G900
  • Preferably buy the device with a invoice
  • Download and install Antutu from playstore Benchmark and start a test, an original s5 should do on average above 30,000 points, also just check the CPU MODEL and frequency: 800, snapdragon Qualcom quadcore 2.5 Ghz , while a Galaxy S5 Chinese report processor MKT (6587/6592) 
At the moment we cannot say more because they continually change clones, but following these steps you will be 100% sure if the device is original or not.

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