TV 4K : is useful ? wait or buy ?

All of you know that from this year are available on the market, the new 4K Television that use the technology. For those who do not know what you're talking about, the term 4K means that the resolution of this TV is equal to four times a normal TV in Full HD 1080p. 

Well yes ... the resolution is extremely nice, and it seems to not look at a screen with details and light effects, made to perfection. 

Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold, and also in this case there are problems ... 

Lack of titles to see 

Unfortunately, this high resolution, can be used for good, if we have the movie or video in 4K otherwise the image will be grainy and unclear. 

TV 4K ultra hd
The only way to use it better, it will be through the Blu-Ray of the new generation with a capacity of 100 GB, but not the other way because the normal transmission through the decoder, is limited to HD resolution. 

Poor compatibility 

Being new products, most of the equipment is not compatible, or at least I can not take advantage of a TV of this size. 

Speaking for all gamers, those who connect their console will notice a picture grainy, not very detailed and definitely not appreciated. 
With the next-generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, the concept is the same ... 

Prices are too high 

Finally, these new TV are not available to everyone, as generally they are not new products, but in this case you touch the ridiculous. 

In fact we are talking about an expenditure of 4000-5000 up to 10000 euro for a television that will not enjoy, in a market as too young too old. 

In short, ours is a market full of new technology, but they can not be exploited, because of a market that does not want to abandon the old system and the insured income. 

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