Torrent file not start,download : fix solution

The torrent is the fastest, most widely used to download files or share them with others. The most common software are uTORRENT and Bit Torrent. The two softaware might create problems such as slow download, the download does not start or sudden interruptions, how to behave?

problema file torrent

Problem file not start

  1. First of all check the ratio of seed / peers, if too low could this be the problem exactly because if the seed are low or non-existent file does not ever you download it. The seed are the people you bring into sharing the complete file while the peers are the people who are download the file.For verify that there are no other problems, just download another file and see if it makes the same problem, in the case follow the next steps.
  2. Try turning off the firewall temporarily.
  3. Also, try turning off the 'antivirus momentanemanete or put the program among the exceptions.
  4. Try to do a clean uninstall this program: LINK , and then reinstall the program.
  5. If the program still does not work try another torrent client: here is our list of the best software

If the download is slow

  1. Check your ADSL connection with a speed test, you should have at least 6-7 mbps actual
  2. Let us return to the first point of the previous step, to have a high-speed downloading one must primarily find a file that has a high number of seeds and peers possibly lower (people who download) in order to obtain the maximum speed for our connection, look for the same file multiple times and choose the one with the highest number of seed.
  3. Try to use magnet links
  4. Check that the settings are not set a download limit
  5. Set the max upload to 35kb / s
  6. Prove the point 2 3 and 4 of the previous step

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