How to extend life of SSD on Windows 7/8.1

All SSDs have a limited number of writing. M that does not mean you can not make some adjustments to maximize the life of your SSD. 
We are able to maximize the life of our precious SSD by 'minimizing wear all those little writing processes and services windows only useful a "hard disk" mechanics. 

Make sure it is enabled TRIM

In general, the TRIM is the first line of defense in maintaining the 'SSD in life.Before you start make sure that the disk is enabled trim using a great program called CrystalDiskInfo

To enable TRIM follow our guide here .

Turn off unnecessary functions of the operating system

Our operating system has some useful features to the hard drive, but are no longer needed on an SSD.

Disable the paging file
  1. Click Start and in the search bar write system
  2. Click on the left on "Advanced System Settings".
  3. Click on Settings in the Performance box sheda Advanced.
  4. Go to advanced and select on change 'virtual memory'.
  5. Select 'No paging file'.
  6. Click OK when you're done.

You can disable hibernation by running the command from the command prompt:

powercfg / hibernate off

Photo of a SSDHow to ... administrator.

Turn off Superfetch and defrag

Disable SuperFetch with this tool  TweakPrefetch 5.3.1 , never use defragmentation nor other similar programs.

Disable Indexing

Open My Computer, select the disk and ssd with the click open as property, remove the tick in indexing and apply to all subfolders.

Well that's it, these options as well as lengthen the life of your SSD increase performance and optimize to the maximum.

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