How see if battery is bad or good android

The battery, is not infinite but is limited to a cycle of charge , it applies to all batteries, such as smartphones, laptops and many other electronic products. 

Many times, however, an abnormal state of the battery life of your smartphone or tablet is not ever correlated to same battery. Today we offer a list to follow to solve the problem and figure out if, indeed, there is a need to sostuirla. 

  • If you notice an abnormal duration try to make a backup of the data and a factory reset of the phone, even better, a hard-reset.Se can update the software to the latest version.
  • Try to use Battery Optimizer with root letting the CPU handle
  • Try a cooked rom
  • Finally, do a battery test with Antutu test , which should detect anomalies.
If none of the steps listed above is useful, then proceed to purchase an original or aftermarket battery with capacity maggiorata

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