Fix touchscreen problem Windows 8

I recently purchased a Samsung series 5 ultrabook, this is a beautiful devices , much loved for their strength and for their size. Thickness and lightness record that put them at the top of the category of laptop. 

They are expensive because for high performance and small size, another peculiarity is the touchscreen that happens to brush with the operating system Windows 8.1 
One problem I have encountered in my samsung ultrabook touchscreen is not perfect compatibility with windows 8 , that's creating many problems. 

One of these problems is the continuous touch and unwanted sweeping the device. 
The only solution I've found is to disable the touchscreen via Device Manager. 

Disable touchscreen ultrabook Windows 8

  1. Open Device Manager in Windows 8 (just open meter screen -> write Device Manager)
  2. Expand Human Interface Device (HID)
  3. There will be several similar item "HID-compliant device"
  4. Turn off these items one at a time, one of these will disable touch screen drivers
  5. Just try if it works after disabling the touch one of these item, if it is that of touch, turn it back on.
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