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G2A is a well-known portal key for PC sales and subscriptions for console.Is the one of the most popular websites in the world with many discounts.
G2A also has a program of Referreal, giving you the chance to earn, especially if you have a website, a blog, Facebook page or YouTube channel.

guadagnare con i videogiochi

How It Works Goldmine G2a and how do you earn?

Each user who logs from your Referreal link, it will be traced, then you'll get a percentage of every purchase, this percentage varies depending on the game and goes, usually, from 90 cents to € up to 10 €!
G2A also allows you to earn even indirectly through a system of three.Infact if a user will record the Goldmine of G2a via your Referreal will automatically become your "so-called right-hand man."
So, if he gain from the games, you also earn a small percentage without taking anything away from your sub-affiliate.
The system , unfortunately, comes up to level 3, I invite you> You invite another user> the other user in turn calls another and then you can have a maximum of three sub-affiliations to user, but this does not imply you might have hundreds of sub affiliations!

How to start?

Simply register via the panel goldmine: G2A GOLDMINE PROGRAM , once registered go to tool and create your own Referreal link to the page you want to promote.

For example, I go to the site I link to G2A GTA 5 and copy the link. In tools I click on add> I copy the link and do a custom name to the link. Then just share the link on all platforms you want!

How to pay G2a?

G2a pay by paypal, or through a voucher that you can spend on Store.E 'very punctual and pay after a few days, unlike many other programs.

G2a is really great, with great discounts and the chance to get a little something to us utenti.Per any questions you may conttattarci on the facebook page or leave a comment below

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