Best app for make selfies (Android-iPhone)

Do you kwnow selfie, the new fashion of Instagram? Most of the time when you try to take selfs photos in the group is  a tiring process because we are difficulty to press the button. Well, with a whistle, you can do it very easily, just whistle or set the countdown timer on the device to take a picture. 

Whistle room is a camera app completely replaced the original, complete with autofocus, basic editing, gallery, and more. The best part of the app is that it works with both front and rear camera, also you can customize the images. 

Whistle room is available on the Play store . Unfortunately it is not available for iOS, but it is a great alternative cams . 

From the settings page of whistle you can customize where to store the images and the sensitivity of the detector whistle. If you want to change the resolution of the images you can do this easily from the settings.

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