Best and beatiful xbox ONE games

Xbox ONE is the latest console from Microsoft, with only one viable competitor, the PS4.Se you have an Xbox ONE here's the ten most beautiful games divided by all kinds of gamers. So many different categories, someone will have to leave piacervi.Vi a brief introduction to the game, if you are interested in a particular game, you can always consult the thousands present video reviews on Youtube. 

giochi xbox one migliori

10. TitanFall 
TitanFall title is a fresh cool style "Pacific Rim." Beautiful is the multiplayer experience where you fight enemies on the planets alieni.Inoltre online will allow you to deal with the various missions in the company of others. 

9. Dead Rising 3 
Dead Rising is a perfect mix of fun, violence and zombie.In dead rising there will be a horde of main missions and secondarie.I ways to kill the non-living are many and original, in fact, our character can use weapons such as hammers, saws, knives and homemade weapons, create the same from us. 

8. Forza Motorsport 5 
Forza Motorsport is a racing simulator for excellence, many buy an Xbox to get into the hands esclusiva.Grafica this fantastic realism and extreme driving, make this game one of the best simulators for the console, along with Gran Turismo for the Sony console. 

7. Killer Instinct 
A reboot of the classic fighting game. "Killer Instinct" by Xbox One is a brutal game, where you have to press so many buttons quickly, generating some great combo. "The basic version of the game, with a playable character and full online access, it's free, you can buy characters and additional content later. 
6. Need for Speed: Rivals 
Need for speed is an arcade always followed by many fans motori.Più a racing simulator that is right, as I said before, an open-world arcade game where you have to overcome the missions and unlock cars. 

5. Plants Vs Zombie: Garden Warfare 
Plants vs zombies in a short time, has become one of the most beloved games in the Mondo.La first version appeared on mobile devices and iOS Android.Il Our goal is to protect our home from an infestation of zombies, will be our weapon our plants! This version differs from that mobile, as in 3D and not with a two-dimensional view.

4.Rayman Legends 
As many say, the graphics do not affect the beauty of a game. Rayman is a simple game graphically and very light, but allows you to keep glued to the big and small screen for hours. It 'a classic-style action game mariobros. 

3.Battlefield 4 
Battlefield does not need presentation, we had a great turn from Battlefield 3 up to the fourth chapter. Battlefield, unlike COD, it is always open to new strade.E 'one of the best simulators shooter to the World. A highlight is the online where the maps are huge, customizable weapons and you can use any type of vehicle. To buy absolutely, if fans of the genre. 

Play in the guise of a mysterious ninja who, armed to the teeth, faces many livelli.Il game is a platformer, a remake of the 1989.Bellissima is the possibility of improving unlocking new powers and upgrades. 

1.Tomb Rider: Definitive Edition 
Tomb Raider has always fascinated children and adults alike. Tomb Raider definitive edition is nothing more than a remake of Tomb Raider and remastering 2013 to exploit the full potential of the console. If you have not played the title above, I recommend you farlo.Inoltre this version adds new adventures and unlockable bonus.

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