6 reason why PC gaming is better than console

What are the benefits of a gaming PC than a gaming console? This is a very popular questions, we have received many messages, so we decided to make a list of the benefits of having a PC gaming, of course, also has its own console.

pc gaming vs console

6 - Keyboard and mouse

Keyboard and mouse suitable for gaming are much more accuracy than a controller controller.Il it is convenient for many games, but if you seriously want to play better,you need to avoid the controller. Best gamers in the world (especially in FPS) using mouse + keyboard in tournaments for maximum speed and accuracy!

5 - Play free online games and a wide range of free-to-play.

On the PC, we do not need to pay any subscription to Xbox Live, even the playstation network is free but anyone who knows him knows that it is full of problems and not enjoyable at 100%, which does not happen to your PC if you have access to a good connection.

4-extreme graphics

Microsoft and Sony promote the best graphical experience with their console, this is because not everyone knows about the potential of a gaming pc medium-high level.
The consoles are limited in many ways: frame rate, quality of detail, quality of shadows and filtri.Giusto that it is, having a limited hardware consoles point on fluidity, dropping to a minimum all the graphics options.

With an assembled pc mid-level (€ 5-600) is unable to have a better yield with all the games on the market. We have the opportunity then, to have the best appearance and greater depth of field (important in an online game). Moreover, the graphics, in my opinion, also matters a lot in the simulators, making the experience more real!

3 - Key Economic and Games

Many avoid buying a PC because of the higher price, not knowing that in time will recover their investment thanks to the huge difference in price between a game console and a game PC.Lo same game on PC and console does not have the same price , usually PC games have a lower price up to 40%, but if you buy a key online you can save more than 50%!
In addition, the console games tend, over time, to save their money while PC games have a more noticeable decline.
There are also thousands of sites where you can find lots of offers:
2 - No backward compatibility

With a pc do not have these problems, you can install any game on our computer, also the first game released for PC and console the question changes.
In addition, it is useless to talk of exclusive, although the PC has its unique.

1 - With a PC, you can do everything

A PC gaming has great hardware, so it has the potential to be used for much else. A good level of PC allows us to get the best in terms of entertainment, navigation and much more. Also a great feature is the ability to use heavy enough programs with the ability to do video editing and photo editing.
A PC allows you to study, work and give you many other functions and thus is irreplaceable by any other device at the time!

In addition, a PC allows you to emulate many consoles including the Nintendo Gameboy, Wii-PS1 and PS2.

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