Best PC Gaming low cost January 2014 (amd/ati)

The winter is coming with lots of new surprises and plenty of new release titles for PC.Se want advice for a gaming pc at a low price you are in the right place. This configuration is really good and will last over time! 

NOTE: The total price is (approximately € 670) for custom setups, setup intel or another please leave a comment below or send a private message to the facebook page of guide-information! 

Also recommend an aftermarket CPU cooler just because this processor is unlocked and is designed for overclocking. 

    Assembled gaming Intel September / October 2013:

    If you do not want amd and you have something more to spend replaced the motherboard and processor in the configuration above:

    • CPU: i5 3570K
    • Motherboard: Z77 LGA 1155 (asrock, asus, msi)

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