Optimize and boost Windows 7/ 8 for Gaming

There we release some helpful tips to increase performance while gaming, just to optimize this beautiful operating system.

1) Use ReadyBoost: 
  • Ready Boost is a great feature of Windows 7 can improve the system performance.
  1. Connect a USB flash drive.
  2. Open 'My Computer'.
  3. Right click on the USB drive.
  4. Select the 'Ready Boost'.
  5. Select the 'Dedication this device'

2) Keep your PC updated: 

  • It 's always a good idea to have the latest drivers and software updates on your PC. Doing a Windows Update at regular intervals.
  • Update video drivers regularly
3) Defrag hard disk: 

  •  Taking a regular deframmentizzazione help files on your hard disk to remain ordinat, do a defrag every time you install a new game and periodically every two weeks.
  • Try to keep your hard drive clean as possible. Remove unnecessary programs. A useful cleaning program is CCleaner: CCleaner - Home
  • CCleaner removes unnecessary temporary files, troubleshoot registry system also allows you to delete programs that start when windows starts

4) Run a virus scan: 

  • Viruses can slow your PC more than you think. Here is a list of good antivirus:
  1. Spybot
  2. Ad-Aware by Lavasoft - Antivirus software, spyware removal, firewall
  3. Avast!
  4. Malwarebytes.org

5) Download and use Game Booster: 

  • Game Booster allows you to disable all unnecessary background applications while playing. This can sometimes give a significant performance boost.
6) Disable visual themes: 
Open start, in the search bar write Change the appearance and performance of windows, turn off all unnecessary effects 

7) Move the files in the disk: 

Manually corrected our guide: Speed ​​up hard drive 

If you have not got improvements, I recommend you upgrade the components of the PC, the cause may be triggered by the RAM, video card or processor.

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