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The year 2013 opened immediately with a time blockbuster in the mobile landscape: Ruzzle has become a real craze for gamers around the world and first in ranking among the free games for iPhone. 
For those not familiar, this is the lyricist, the one who once played with dice of letters inside a box cube. 
The aim of the game is, given some letters extracted and placed randomly on a 4x4 board, finding many words as possible using the letters horizontally, diagonally or vertically.

1) A clone of Ruzzle that you can only play on Facebook from a computer, via the internet, you Zuffle , virtually identical, where you have to find words as possible. 
You can challenge friends or random people online. 

2) Ruzzle is not the only game of words available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. 
For example, for some time there is a game of Scrabble with Friends Zynga, free for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play, which is not in Italian (so let's move on). 

3) If Ruzzle does not pleasure enough, or if you want better alternatives, you can try othergames similar to the lyricist and always free. 
Word Crack that is instead perfectly identical to Ruzzle as a true clone. 
You may prefer Crack Word because you can play to find the words in the draw made from 4x4 boxes, also on Facebook, from your computer. 
It is therefore necessary to use force for the application on the iPhone or Android, but you can also challenge your friends online with lyricist, computer, connecting toWordCrack on Facebook . 
Even in Word Crack you have two minutes to find possible words on the board, by linking letters horizontally, vertically and diagonally. 
Unlike Ruzzle, there are no restrictions and you can also see all the possible combinations without paying a premium account. 

5) From the same manufacturer was also released another alternative game: Angry Words, available for free and in Italian on Android, iPhone and even Windows Phone. 
But this is not that game lyricist with a few letters arranged in a square but a true clone of Scrabble, with a board and a number of letters to be placed up to complete words as possible, also crossed. 
Here too, the game is online and multiplayer games against other players or with unknown Facebook friends. 
Even Angry Words can be played online from a computer via the ' Facebook application that we could also consider the best game similar to Scrabble in Italian that you can find on the internet. 

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