How to play Pokemon on Android (tablet / smartphone)

Fans of gameboy? Enthusiasts of all versions of Pokemon? Well now you can play Pokemon onAndroid. Possible play on Smartphone andTablet.
Let's talk about all versions of the Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Pokemon then (red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, sapphire, ruby, etc.).

pokemon emulatore android

Guide for Android: 

  • If you want to play with versions for the Gameboy Colo., download from Google play GBC AD , but if you want to play Advance version for download Puja .
  • Install it and download the rom from the internet, a great site is coolrom
  • Copy the rom extracted with named for color ( and Advance (
  • Start one of the two emulators and go to the path where you have inserted the ROM, boot it!
Finally, you can play Pokemon and not only on Android!


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