How to play Ruzzle on PC free

Ruzzle has become the most popular word game in the world, has already been extensively talked about this game in another thread, unfortunately it is only available on Android and iPhone and this angers some lovers of the title who loved his version on PC . 

We currently have a game called identito to Ruzzle Zuffle. Such applications we can find it on Facebook and then play with any Windows operating system, Mac, Linux. 

The beauty of this clone is that we can challenge your friends on facebook just as we do with ruzzle or challenge an opponent to caso.L 'only flaw on the PC is that it does not have the touch screen, but to point out the letters with the mouse.Non there remains try it! 

This is the app: Zuffle , we are increasingly convinced that the truth will come out ruzzle on Facebook, it's about time, stay tuned on our Facebook page . 

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