Gaming performance and fps result: windows 8 or windows 7 ?

During some test results are not in favor of the new operating system. Windows 8 is not as fast as Windows 7, when it comes to video games even though eight is a fresh and with lots of room for improvement through driver, and future upgrades.

WDDM 1.2 and Direct3D 11.1, new features of Windows 8 seem to offer performance improvements in 2D and in 3D.
7 vs 8

Most of the games Unreal Engine 3 work well under Windows 8. Games likeBorderlands 2, Dishonored, Mass Effect 3. The exception is in games like Batman Arkham City, which lowers performance in 8, in particular in DirectX 9 .
Although the average FPS are similar, Windows 8 on charges of several delays, this is a real problem. Battlefield 3 is a game very demanding on the resources in Windows 7, but Windows 8 after just a couple of minutes becomes unplayable (our mistake We reinstalled battlefield 3, with positive results!). (E 'by a factor depended mainly on the tube driver in fact we found this .)
Other games tested as: Dirt Showdown, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs and Starcraft 2 are usually behind only 2 or 3 frames. Nothing that can not be improved as a result of improved driver, game updates or upgrades Windows. The only game that actually benefits in Windows 8 is Formula 1 2012.   In fact, the differences are, once again, just a couple of frames.
elow we present some benchmarks of the two SO


In our opinion it is better to stay still on Windows 7 quite a bit especially for the sake of greater compatibility with titles a bit older, you should know the test between 4-5 months to see if it will indeed be worthy of replacing 7. For now, we advise you to keep you close your Windows 7 SP1.

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