Drop visit blog and site | Google algorithm update March 2013 3

From March 18, 2013 has been launched by Google an update of Penguin, the last algorithm launched by Google in 2012, another blow many sites and blogs that have had a drastic drop in visits. 
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Who was affected? 

  • Sites of poor quality with few content
  • Link building
  • Spam link
  • keyword stuffing
  • Duplicate Content
  • news aggregators
  • Serp and SEO overoptimization
  • the network link
If you have had a fall, even if you do not fit into these categories do not worry, usually after a couple of weeks everything settles and you should return to the same number of visits that you had before.
Remember that this new algorithm will give a big boost to social networks like (Facebook, twitter and Google plus) and e-commerce sites to improve the user experience.

Even you had a fall? Leave a comment below with your experience ...

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